Do you want to drive the toughest and most popular full-size pickup truck available? If so, we here at Hoffman Ford highly recommend that you go for a ride in the new Ford F-150.

There is nothing better than to know that you are driving in the best possible vehicle. With a frame made from high-strength steel that is up to 78 percent stronger than previous years, the F-150 has been heavily modified to be the best of the best, outperforming the competition. The ideal purchase if you are living in the East Harford, CT area.

With other great features that you just don't see on other pickup trucks like stowable loading ramps and an integrated tailgate step, the Ford F-150 makes loading things like ATVs and motorcycles that much easier, enabling you to climb up steps rather than hoist yourself up into the bed. Don't believe us? Take on for a ride and find out for yourself!

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