Ford Mustang: Traditional Design and Modern Flair

The Ford Mustang has an awesome lineup of classic-inspired trims. We at Hoffman Ford call on auto buyers from East Hartford, CT to check out the latest models of this four-seat muscle car that rolls on a rear-wheel drive.

The entry-level Ford Mustang trims run on the EcoBoost engine, which completes combustion with some assistance from a turbocharger. The I-4 turbo engine is mated to a manual transmission system that has six preset gear settings. This classic gearbox is also available with the Rev Matching function in high-level trims. The latest TREMEC technology controls the mechanisms in manual transmission. This signature technology is also integrated into the Shelby GT500's dual-clutch transmission, which is exclusively linked to a supercharged V8 engine block with a cross-plane crankshaft. After taking off, this Mustang model needs approximately 11 seconds to do a 0.25-mile lap on a closed racing track. The Launch Control also helps this limited-edition sports car achieve such great results.

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