The Ford Escape: The Capability to Keep You Safer

The Ford Escape is a compact SUV that has been at the forefront of the Ford SUV lineup for several years. People keep purchasing the Ford Escape because the vehicle has an excellent reputation for reliability. This vehicle is manufactured with the capabilities needed to provide you with a safer drive.

The Ford Escape is equipped with the Intelligent Four-Wheel Drive System. Several times each minute, the system checks the back wheels for traction. If the wheels are slipping, the four-wheel drive engages in order to provide a safer drive in poor traction conditions.

The Ford Escape also helps to provide a safer drive with the curve control feature. This feature monitors your speed going around a curve. If the system detects that you are going too fast, the system will reduce the speed of the Ford Escape automatically in order to prevent a possible roll-over or other accident situation.

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