The New Ford Ranger Adventure

The mid-sized Ford Ranger pickup has been a favorite with owners for decades. The new 2019 Adventure is no less impressive. As its name suggests, the Ranger is ready for any challenge on or off the road. Experience the capabilities of the new pickups at our East Hartford, CT showroom. Indulge in a road test.

The Adventure was created using a highly durable steel frame, steel bumpers, and an off-road chassis to ensure the vehicle capably handles all types of terrain features. When needed, simply turn the dial to put the Adventure into four-wheel drive mode. The technology also lets you determine how much traction you need by selecting 4H or 4L.

Adventure owners enjoy backcountry thrills, opt for the Off-Road Package. More durable shocks and all-terrain tires make the journey easier. The package also comes with a steel front bash plate, a heavy-duty skid plate and a rear differential that locks electronically. Choose a truck that suits your needs from our Hoffman Ford.

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