The Ford Fusion's Cabin Has Great Design Options

The Ford Fusion has interior design elements that are quite impressive. If you care about luxury, convenience, and comfort during road trips, you'll enjoy driving a Ford Fusion.

Leather is the featured upholstery in the Fusion's cabin. When you take a seat, the plush cushioning provides great support. The front and back seats have a firm headrest that's very supportive as well. As you unwind, you can sip a beverage without spilling it by using one of the cup holders near the center console. There is a moonroof above the cup holders, which is ideal because the opening provides efficient air circulation.

The best way to observe all of these great design elements is by stepping into a Fusion's cabin at Hoffman Ford in East Hartford, CT. We have one goal during each sales situation, which is to make the entire process simple. We stock the latest Ford Fusion trims, break down packages, explain features, and provide test drives. Our dealership serves people in many neighborhoods.

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