The Ford Super Duty Pickup is Ideal for Hard Work or Play

The Ford Super Duty pickup was designed to be tough and durable, which is why the vehicle remains a top option for work or recreation. But, the 2019 versions come with a variety of standard and optional amenities that make the truck that much more productive. Explore the possibilities by seeing the pickups in person at our East Hartford, CT Hoffman Ford. Dare to take a test drive.

Cameras strategically positioned at various locations around the Super Duty provide the driver with a clear 360-degree view of the surroundings. The views are especially helpful when backing up and attaching trailers. Side views prevent possible collisions with other vehicles who might venture into the blind spot.

The improved Ford Super Duty bed features reinforced sides and four cleats that enable owners to secure all types and sizes of cargo. When in the habit of pulling duty when the sun goes down, opt for the LED light package installed in the box.

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