Evasive Driving Technology in the Ford Edge

In the new Ford Edge, you can drive through East Hartford streets and on the open highway with confidence. This popular mid-sized SUV is available with advanced safety technology. You can get the innovative Pre-Collision Assist and Evasive Steering Assist Systems.

Both of these features work with high-tech cameras and sensors that monitor the road ahead of you. The Pre-Collision Assist system looks out for potential obstacles. It can detect other drivers as well as pedestrians. If it senses an issue, various alerts will sound. The Edge may also apply the brakes automatically to prevent a collision.

We here at Hoffman Ford are excited about the Evasive Steering Assist feature. It's similar to the previous system. However, it provides steering guidance when braking alone is not enough to avoid a collision. In the right conditions, the Ford Edge may provide you with automatic steering guidance to get you around the obstacle. This applies to vehicles that have slowed down or stopped in front of you.

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