The Fob and MyKey Features on the Ford Taurus Will Make You Rest Easier

The popular Ford Taurus, a full-size sedan, has continually become better each year. And with the 2018 technology features, you're sure to love it even more. Who doesn't want to make getting into the car and starting the engine easier? And if you have teens, then you'll feel much better about letting them borrow the car with the MyKey feature.

The Intelligent Access feature allows you to open the door by simply having the fob in your pocket or bag. This means that there isn't any more searching for keys in a dark parking lot at night. You can also simply push a button when the fob is on you to start the engine. The MyKey feature also lets you control how fast the car can go and how loud the music can be, which makes it easier to give the fob over to your teenage son or daughter.

If you want to learn more and go for a test drive, come over to Hoffman Ford in East Hartford, CT.

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