Fun and Responsible Describes the 2018 Ford Focus

A car is more than a means of transportation just to get you to different destination points in East Hartford. The Focus represents a responsible driver and a driver who likes to have fun. That’s why the 2018 Ford Focus is such a popular compact car!

When driving a Ford Focus with superior standard features such as Torque Vectoring Control with electric power-assisted steering to grip the road for improved navigation, you will surely have a lot of fun! The powertrain that has a 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine with high-performance of 350 horsepower helps too! However, with a completely different variation, you can save money on plenty of gas by plugging in the zero-CO2 emissions Focus Electric and drive 100 percent on electric power, which is a benefit to the responsible driver.

Whether you’re fun, responsible, or both, stop by Hoffman Ford for a test drive of the Ford Focus soon!

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