Common Fuel Pump Warning Signs

Your fuel pump is responsible for moving fuel from your car's gas tank into the engine, so it stands to reason that it needs to be kept in good working order at all times. That means watching for the warning signs of a faulty fuel pump and having them fixed before it's too late.

A Sputtering Engine

The biggest indicator that your fuel pump needs to be fixed is an engine that sputters when you drive at high speeds. This sputtering occurs because the fuel pump is struggling to provide a constant stream of fuel at the right pressure to keep the vehicle running.

High Temperatures

A high engine temperature that causes your car to stall is another big indicator that something could be wrong with your fuel pump. Specifically, it could mean that your fuel pump is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.

Poor Gas Mileage

Fuel pumps have a relief valve that prevents too much fuel from flowing into the engine at once. A faulty relief valve will cause your vehicle to use too much fuel and lower its gas mileage.

These are just a few problems that could indicate a faulty fuel pump. If you notice these signs or anything else that seems to affect your vehicle's performance, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to our service center here at Hoffman Ford to have it checked out.

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