Ford Cares about Our Environment


When Henry Ford opened his first assembly line plant in Highland Park, Michigan, even though "environmentalism" wasn't an established term or practice, he had a goal not to waste. Today, Ford has the same goal. In fact, 82 production plants are true zero waste facilities right now, and that number is expected to increase as time goes on. What's more, Ford recycles 20,000,000 pounds of aluminum each month.

Ford Cares about Our People

Ford recognizes that Global Climate Change is as much a human rights issue as it is an issue of resource scarcity and destruction of nature. As such, Ford makes every attempt to be as ethical as possible, starting with the philosophy that it should treat its employees right, treat the communities in which it is established right, and ultimately, treat the greater world right. Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, believes that Ford has "an obligation to leave this world better than we found it."

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