Why You Shouldn’t Use Winter Tires All Year

What do you wear in winter? Can you imagine yourself wearing the same type of clothes in summer? Of course not. Just like you put away your winter clothes, you should put away your winter tires when summer arrives.

Winter tires have deep treads that aren't necessary for summer. In fact, leaving your winter tires on during the summer season can actually ruin the tires themselves. Why?

  • Winter tires go through wear and tear faster in summer. The flexible rubber wears down more quickly in summer due to the high temperatures.
  • Their performance is poor compared to the summer tires. They can't handle the same maneuvers that the summer tires can comfortably handle.

Summer tires are designed to provide excellent service despite the high temperatures with minimal wear and tear. To find the best tires for your car, visit Hoffman Ford in Hartford, CT. Our service center can give you advice, help you pick new tires, and make sure they get installed properly.

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